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Are you looking for ways to make your birth easier? And what about the early days with your new baby?

Birthwaves antenatal classes will help you prepare for this. They are held in East Brighton, Melbourne, Victoria.

Hospital classes are usually not enough for people to prepare themselves for birth and life beyond. Birthwaves offers prenatal birthing and early parenting classes both for first time parents and those expecting a subsequent baby. The emphasis is on the steps you and your partner can take to help yourselves.

Private classes or consultations are also available for birth and parenthood preparation or postnatal debriefings and counselling.

The Courses and Workshops provide:

  • An understanding of what to expect with labour, birth and the immediate postnatal period (depending on the session(s) attended)
  • Relaxed settings in which issues can be explored by women and their partners 
  • Small group sizes providing support and friendship and an opportunity to meet other parents-to-be
  • Research-based information provided by a qualified antenatal teacher with over fifteen years experience

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" Dean & I are absolutely thrilled to bits after the birth of our baby and I'm very, very thankful for the information & education we received in our class". Caroline

"A very big thank you for sharing your knowledge, enlightening us and for your support and friendship. You prepared us for the greatest miracle...a new life and we are both truly thankful." Nic & Ken

"Thank you for contributing to a truly awesome birth experience. What I learnt in your class was useful and helpful from the onset of early contractions right through to giving birth. I didn't have the anxiety and fear of pain I was so worried about having been given some great tools! It's wonderful to think how many women and couples you've empowered during this precious time." S.

Tip of the month

Previous caesarean and considering your options for next time......?? VBAC is the term used to describe ‘vaginal birth after caesarean’. Depending on the reason for a first caesarean, most medical professionals advise that women should try for a vaginal birth the next time round. It is worth researching as much as possible on the best approach to take, and keep fit and healthy!! Try some form of active birth, yoga or other 'self-help' classes. See for more information. (CANA = Caesarean Awareness Network Australia).




Disclaimer:The information contained on this web-site and provided during my courses and counselling is of a general nature only and does not constitute formal medical advice. Any specific medical problem should be referred directly to a qualified health professional. Birthwaves does not accept liability for any actions taken based on this material.

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